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How do you do....it? Thread, Best Practice way of getting rid of users in Technical; I need to clean up the server and do some housekeeping. There are a few members of staff that have ...
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    Best Practice way of getting rid of users

    I need to clean up the server and do some housekeeping.

    There are a few members of staff that have been left for quite a bit that need to go.

    So how do you get rid of their accounts and their profiles?
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    For a moment I thought you'd just had enough of people, and I was going to suggest slipping something from the Science Department's cupboards into their coffees as an easy way of getting rid of users. Turns out that's not this thread.

    We disable accounts as soon as people leave, then every now and then (i.e. 6 weeks, when the file server gets full etc.) archive off all their files onto a DVD/BluRay and delete the account from AD. Roaming profiles get deleted.

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    I had to open the thread to check too! Matt goes postal.

    Well anyway, it's got to be Powershell all the way for this task. This will get you off to a flying start.

    Top 10 Active Directory Tasks Solved with PowerShell | PowerShell content from Windows IT Pro
    Managing AD in Bulk Using PowerShell | Active Directory content from Windows IT Pro

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    We move them to an ex-users OU, and archive their files to a share on a NAS (which is backed up to USB also). We then drop them out of SIMS, Exchange, etc. Has made it very easy to reinstate them if needed, or get some files for them.

    Their profiles will hang around on the PCs (unless you use mandatory for staff), which is where something like delprof2 comes in. I just assign the built-in profile clean up GPO every so often.

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