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How do you do....it? Thread, Server Migration in Technical; I'm going to be doing a server migration over this summer. I know, or have links on how to migrate ...
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    Server Migration

    I'm going to be doing a server migration over this summer. I know, or have links on how to migrate AD, DHCP, DNS, etc, and know I can manually copy files over then reset permissions manually. Does anyone have a script they're willing to share to do so?

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    I use Microsoft File Server Migration Toolkit as the shares, permissions and security will all get copied for all in one go

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    If you are doing AD (and DNS) then I would just create a new server, promote it and then do a graceful demotion of the old server - same for DHCP, bring server online and create scopes but dont authorise until ready, de-authorise DHCP on old server and authorise new, a simple reboot of clients should cause them to switch over.

    If you are doing file copies then i would look at something like robocopy, very customisable and can scripted too

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