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How do you do....it? Thread, External Vulnerability Assessments? in Technical; We are a small school and I feel like I should have some kind of assessment of our external vulnerability. ...
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    External Vulnerability Assessments?

    We are a small school and I feel like I should have some kind of assessment of our external vulnerability. (External as that's what I am mainly responsible for, I haven't found a solution to stopping staff from making bad judgments.)

    I was wondering how you folks go about checking your own (public side) networks?

    Thanks in advance for any feedback.

    edit for clarification: I need a way to assess security vulnerabilities for our mail server and a few hosted website servers that are open to the public.
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    I ensure that the firewall rules are down as tight as possible for all my clients - and that anything web facing uses 2 factor auth.

    You could try an external penetration test which various online companies do.

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    We used First Base Tecnologies to test our website for vulnerabilities.

    The process was very useful and I can recommend it. Their report provided us with plenty to work with and implement to secure the site to a standard we couldn't have hoped to achieve if we had tried to assess it ourselves.

    They carried out a second test, after a few months, to confirm that the changes we made mitigated against the vulnerabilities they found.

    It was a postive experience and I can recommend them as a company; it was, however, expensive.

    All the best.

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