Hi everyone

I'm looking for ideas from you good people about how to collect this information. We've just moved to paperless communications with parents (thumbs up for schoolcomms and their support). Alongside sending out letters electronically, I really want to try and reduce the amount of paper coming back into the office. For most things requiring a response I'm using Google Forms, but at the minute only when there's no sensitive data (registering interest in clubs, booking school meals etc). When we take the kids on school trips, we need to collect up to date medical information and contact details for the day every time. The paper copies are held in a file in the office for the day of the trip and then destroyed. For the last trip, about half of the parents came into the school office and asked us to print them - not a good result.

Does anyone use Google Forms for this? I'm feeling more confident about the way they deal with data after their announcement on their updated privacy policy. The only alternative that I've come up with so far is to create an Excel spreadsheet with a front sheet that looks like a form and ask the parents to email it back to us. The office would then have to compile the information into a single sheet as my VBA skills are not up to extracting data from multiple sheets into a database.

Has anyone got a better way of doing it?

Thanks in advance.