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How do you do....it? Thread, Creating/Using 'Friendly' Printer Names With PrintUI in Technical; The answer to this might just be a straight "No, it's not possible..." but I guess it's worth asking... Trying ...
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    Creating/Using 'Friendly' Printer Names With PrintUI

    The answer to this might just be a straight "No, it's not possible..." but I guess it's worth asking...

    Trying to change over from having all printers print directly to hardware print servers, to having printers print via a queue on the server to the print server for logging/auditing purposes.

    At the moment, I'm using the free PaperCut logger - if I install the printers using my usual method of Local Port set to \\server\printqueue all it logs is "Remote Downlevel Document" instead of the document name. I assume this means I need to use a 'proper' network connection - trying to add this using PrintUI. I can do it, but I end up with an user unfriendly name - ict1-col on server for example.

    rundll32 printui.dll,PrintUIEntry /ga /c\\a1 /n\\server\ict1-col

    I work in a school for kids with some learning difficulties and need to be able to set a friendly name for the printer as I could with a locally installed driver - e.g "Colour Printer in IT1" rather than just the share name.

    Is this possible with printui, or am I nobbled by a Windows limitation here?

    I know it takes some reg hacking to change the name on a remote printer normally but was hoping that if it was done while installing I could force an arbitary choice of name.

    Is there a switch I'm missing? If not, does anyone have any other suggestions as to how to get this going?

    If I change the share name of the queue to the friendly name, I can get part of the way there, e.g "Colour Printer in IT1" gives "Colour Printer in IT1 on server" but I could really do with getting rid of the "on Server" part, and I'm loathe to use massively long share names for printers in case any old and decrepit education software breaks! :S

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    Re: Creating/Using 'Friendly' Printer Names With PrintUI

    Im confused what it is you want to to do here?

    Why not just keep your print server, or transfer the printers to another server, and rename everything in windows, papercut automatically picks the names up correctly.

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