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How do you do....it? Thread, Document Signing and Tracking in Technical; Hi, We've had a request from above for a system where forms (namely for trips, cover etc.) can be created, ...
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    Document Signing and Tracking


    We've had a request from above for a system where forms (namely for trips, cover etc.) can be created, signed digitally and track the progress of the form (similar to parcel tracking where it displays the current location).

    Anyone have any systems in place similar to this or have any ideas?

    Thanks in advance.

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    I saw this document signing ability coming into Filemaker 12 and 13... I'm presently implementing it into my IT inventory / asset tracking / service history database as it'll remove another form filling exercise. Also looking as to whether I can get it to generate a pdf copy to the signatory’s email account (assuming I have it on file...)

    Check out http://www.filemaker.co.uk and see what you think.

    Update: I've checked on fmforums and mailing a pdf copy is possible. See:

    Sorry for exceedingly long link, but I learn a lot from fmforums before I progress with my fm solutions.

    If your school/college have iPads / iPhones to hand, you can use a shared FM database via the filemaker go app.
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