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How do you do....it? Thread, Backup Solutions in Technical; I'm in charge of a small private school's network (approximately 90 faculty and staff/600 students) Only half the students have ...
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    Backup Solutions

    I'm in charge of a small private school's network (approximately 90 faculty and staff/600 students) Only half the students have their own logons, only 4th - 8th grades. We are currently using Carbonite to back up the servers and data, however we're somehow on a HomePlus level subscription, and I'm bringing in a new W2k12 server into the domain over the summer, as we're using 2 server 2003 boxes now. I am starting to research backup solutions, we are really too small a network to justify the costs of a BackupExec type solution. I'm open to recommendations.

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    Several of the schools I look after are running Windows Server Backup (which comes with 2012) onto QNAP NAS boxes. A 12TB QNAP will cost a decent amount of money (£600+ - Approximately $978 US) - smaller versions are available for a cheaper price - but they have the advantage of you being able to plug them into anywhere on your network. They don't have to be directly next to the server (or IN it in the case of tapes). Other schools my colleagues look after use the same QNAPs but with the Macrium Reflect software which I believe is £108 ($177.80 US) for a one-off license.
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