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How do you do....it? Thread, ischoolsaudit - Anyone use them? in Technical; Hi We are having a demo of this asset management system just wondering if anyone on here uses them? iSchool ...
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    ischoolsaudit - Anyone use them?


    We are having a demo of this asset management system just wondering if anyone on here uses them?

    iSchool Audit | Smart Audit Technology


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    Yeah one of my school's use it and I have been going round the last few weeks stickering everything up! The app for the ipad seems stable enough. You can search through stuff and add similar items which makes it easier, because then you only have to put serial number in and scan the asset tag.

    Found the stickers they provided cheap and nasty though. I ripped a fair few!

    The school seem happy with it. Mainly for the depreciation calculator!

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    Just seen your post and sorry to hear that you have had an issue with some of our labels. Our standard labels are Pharmaceutical Grade PU which are tear resistant and you should not have experienced any tearing issues. This is the first report we have heard of this nature and we will happily replace any labels that are not up to standard; if you could kindly let me know which school/schools this relates to I will get some replacements made and have them dropped off.


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    We looked at ischoolaudit and assetrac and schools asset manager and tesfoundation. Our experience of schools asset manager wasn't a good one. They were desparate for us to sign up for a trial which is an opt-out! I've heard of schools getting trapped into 3 or 5 year contracts through this. assetrac seem decent although a glorified spreadsheet. ischoolaudit seemed ok but clunky.In the end we plumped for tesfoundation. Seemed the easiest to use and price was good.

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