We're having a room decorated and will end up with a spare cupboard. The bursar has suggested we turn it into a room for stationery and supplies. Does anyone know of a small cheap system which can keep control of products, prices and departments? Eg we'd like a French teacher to come along, enter the French department code, scan a barcode on a set of ink cartridges (for example) and the system keep track of the transaction and give a report to the bursar at the end of the term so he knows how much to charge each department.

I know it sounds a bit stingy but when it comes to printing some departments can really get through gallons of ink. If the worst comes to the worst I may come up with a web system but if the wheel has already been invented then why waste time.

I saw inFlow Inventory Software | Inventory System but it doesn't seem to allow for department codes although I'm sure it can be customised.