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How do you do....it? Thread, Student Proof Keyboards in Technical; Hi All, After a little bit of help, if possible? I am planning to re-fit one of our ICT rooms ...
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    Student Proof Keyboards

    Hi All,

    After a little bit of help, if possible?

    I am planning to re-fit one of our ICT rooms soon ... the only problem is that this is a room that isn't assigned a teacher, like our other two, so is open to booking to the whole school. Therefore, I would like to make the room virtually bulletproof .. as lately damage in there seems to be getting worse.

    I am after some tamper proof keyboards which still look okay in the classroom, as I am fed up of endlessly replacing keys, or have to swap them back around all the time.

    Has anybody here already got some that they can recommend, or does anybody know of anyone that supplies them, as I have had a look, but can't necessarily see what I am looking for.



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    these ones are crazy expensive... probably more than a school would be willing to pay. Rugged Keyboards - ToughPCs.com

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    We put wired Microsoft 600s in one teacherless room. They have chunky risers and the recessed keys quite hard to pull off and swapped around compared to cheaper KBs. The spacebars do sometimes get pulled. No IP camera in the room?

    You can also buy them in a 5 pack. Thinking back now they might be 400 series not 600!!
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