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How do you do....it? Thread, Installing a SAN in Technical; Hi We are run a CC4.2 network and keen to expand the storage space. We were looking at putting an ...
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    Installing a SAN

    We are run a CC4.2 network and keen to expand the storage space. We were looking at putting an iSCSI SAN in however as neither of us have installed a SAN beore we were looking for any tips or problems that we may face during the installation process. We have 3 user servers that will need to be connected to the SAN.

    If anyone has installed a SAN I would be grateful if you could give an explanation of the installation process.



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    Most simple installation description would be you have a separate network card for just the SAN connection. This could go direct in to SAN if supported and enough ports, else you might want to trunk all the ports to a switch then connect the servers to the SAN switch. You need make a target LUN/drive on the SAN so the server connected to the SAN can see it , with iSCSI connection software in windows server you can mount the drive then its good to go. Advanced features like multi path connections require more planning.

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