Hi All,

Can anyone recommend a solution that fits in with the above title?

Essentially I'm looking for a bit of software which will keep track of our consumable and loan item stock - allowing simple check-in and check-out of loan items as well as allowing us to scan in/out individual items like toner, peripherals and specialist paper etc.
In practice, I'd like technicians to be able to be able to 'see' from the software that we have 15 x keyboards in stock, go and find one, scan it out and allocate to a department for future tracking/audit/costs etc.
Ideally the above would be done using the barcodes which are already present on the boxes, but if necessary we could print our own.

Ultimately I don't mind investing a bit of money in the above as long as it is simple enough and does the job.
I've looked at various different products but none are quite as clean as I want. The ones which have the functionality I want often fall under 'warehouse management system' descriptions, but come with far more options and complication than I want.

If anyone can recommend something they have seen or use themselves it would be hugely appreciated.