We've been asked to add an extra school-wide calendar to our Office365 specifically for meetings. The ladies in the Main Office don't always get informed that there's meetings taking place with parents or carers etc and more often than not, the parents/carers have no idea who they're meeting with, so the Office ladies have to run about trying to work out who's doing what!

Anyways, it's a bit messy giving everyone access to a calendar, it can quickly get out of hand. The current calendar is only written to by one member of the admin team, so that's well under control.

Any suggestions as to a solution? Ideally, we'd have a monitor stuck on the wall next to the office window which would show the current day and, in time order, meetings for that day with vital info - who's hosting, who's attending, what times, which room etc...

Is there software that achieves this or would we have to knock something up?