My boss has been asked to fill in 2 quality assurance evaluation forms (its a new scheme that's been introduced)...

Background: We have a Windows 2008 network, Exchange 2010, Moodle etc.

The first form is based around the strategic provision of ICT (how the provision of ICT impacts on the effective running of the school), while the second form is based around the impact of ICT on teaching and learning.

Both forms have sections for:
  • Focus points
  • What is going well
  • Areas for development

It's one of those things we're we know what we're doing and where we're going, but we're not really sure how to condense that down, and we're looking for guidance.

As focal points for the upcoming year regarding the effective running of the school we're proposing improved communications within school, and monitoring of how existing ICT resources are used:
  • At the moment the main services that we provide for communications are email (which is reliable and efficient), and Moodle (with front-page news items and a staff-room area). We don't manage the telephone system, so this is something that we might look at, and we don't have a digital signage solution.
  • While we have effective monitoring of our services (whether they're up/down, what issues are arising etc), we don't have any data on how our ICT resources are actually being used (other than anecdotal), and we'd ideally like a way of monitoring how frequently laptops/netbooks/iPads/PCs are being used, and what they're usually used for - this will help us make better plans for the future - possibly shuffling resources around rather than just adding extra resources.

Regarding the impact on teaching and learning, we're a little more stumped, as we're usually given less flexibility here, and provide what is requested.

If anyone has some contributions we'd receive them gratefully (even if the contribution is that we're doing it all wrong!)