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How do you do....it? Thread, McAfee encryption - 2 questions in Technical; Hello, all.. Anyone got any experience with McAfee encryption? I have a couple of questions that hopefully someone here can ...
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    McAfee encryption - 2 questions

    Hello, all..

    Anyone got any experience with McAfee encryption?

    I have a couple of questions that hopefully someone here can answer - I'm not having much luck with McAfee or consultants.

    Encryption for Files and Folders. We have some staff (senior, of course) who have Macs at home, so want to make their drives exempt from the mandatory encryption or read-only lock.

    The instructions we've been given are flawed, I feel, as our tests showed that they unblock a device MODEL rather than a specific drive.

    By that I mean that if we unblock MegaFlashDrive serial 123456, deviceID abcdefgh it actually leaves all MegaFlashdrives exempt. Surely in amongst the myriad of EEFF settings on EPO, there must be a way of only unblocking either by serial or deviceID?

    Second question - laptop encryption using Endpoint. Our sister dept is currently having to manually encrypt laptops, adding roughly 2-4 hours to the process for each one. Is there a way I can encrypt a Sysprepped laptop and then use disk imaging to create an image of it in its encrypted state, and then simply deploy THAT image to future laptops? (Overlooking the whole driver injection thing)

    We haven't moved to encryption of laptops yet, but I'm keen to avoid the absolute nightmare scenario our colleagues are currently in.

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    As for deploying already encrypted... Won't work as far as I know. We have bitlocker set to encrypt in the background after deployment... Might be a few days before all is encrypted, but all seemless and nothing on your end to do...

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