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    Question Issuu Alternative


    I've been asked to put a page flipping thing for our prospectus PDF on the website. Yes I know, I think it's a horrid idea too, but senior management want it so I've got to try.
    Other schools in the area use issuu, and I had a look, but our Business Manager was put off by this in their T&Cs:

    Published Content. By uploading Published Content to the Issuu Service, you hereby grant to Issuu a worldwide, non-exclusive, transferable, assignable, fully paid-up, royalty-free, license to host, transfer, display, perform, reproduce, distribute, and otherwise use your Published Content, in any media forms or formats, and through any media channels, now known or hereafter devised, including without limitation, RSS feeds, embeddable functionality, and syndication arrangements in order to distribute, promote or advertise your Published Content through the Issuu Service. This license includes the right for Issuu to convert your Published Content to Issuu’s proprietary format, or such other file formats as may be used by Issuu, and to display and make your Published Content available, in whole or in part (including excerpts), on the Issuu Service in association with other Published Content, content or advertising. Subject to the license grant to other Users below, the license granted by you to Issuu in this paragraph terminates as to a specific Published Content once you remove or delete such Published Content from the Issuu Service.

    Does anyone know of a flippy thing I can use that doesn't want to own our content. Management are happy to pay a small amount for a software license.

    We use Joomla 2.5 for the website, so it could be a component, but I had a look on the extension directory and they all seemed to be jpg flippers with a complex install procedure.


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    We use FlippingBook (Professional version) and it can be embedded into Joomla easily using iframe.
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