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How do you do....it? Thread, Digitising School Archives and New Records in Technical; Hi all So, you know the story, a school has to keep ALL of it's records for life just in ...
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    Digitising School Archives and New Records

    Hi all

    So, you know the story, a school has to keep ALL of it's records for life just in case something should come of it later etc.

    Well, we've reached the point where our archive store is:
    1) Full
    2) Deamed not secure by county property group people

    As a result, they've suggested we look to getting all the records digitised so that we can access archives via a database and on screen.

    As part of this as well though, they want us to store all new records digitally as well.

    I know that whichever software we get needs to comply with data protection laws and such and give us the option to block out sections of sensitive data that isn't relevant to a particular authority / organisation and such, but without destroying the original copies (I hope that makes sense).

    Anyway, I'm after suggestions for software that will take care of all this. It needs to link in with SIMS for the current data and have a searchable archive and the various abilities mentioned above. Preferably, whichever company that is recommended could do with being able to take away our existing records and get them onto the database for us, else we'll just employ a few temps for a couple of months to go through it all.

    Thanks in advance
    Andy T

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    We use a special workstation with a MFP. The software is called ecopy it makes things really easy. We moved all paper copies into sims. It was provided by these chaps - Office Equipment Specialists supplying printers, copiers, scanners, multi-functional machines, document management, service, support and saving your business money - Sharples Group

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    Capita sell Swordfish document management system, which is fantastic and links into SIMS really nicely and with other systems, price is a bit but all these type of systems are. We would love to go with it but finance doesn't allow.
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