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    Printing and copying

    Hi Folks
    At school we have a printing solution in place for printing and copying. Its seems the world and dog like to print and copy. We have been looking at reducing our printing costs, and we find that most of the copying is down to EXAM Papers and resource documents.

    Has anyone ever looked at software where you can scan in the exam papers, and distribute them to students and then have then complete the exam paper electronically?

    Anyone else any good ideas the save copying? I did suggest taking the paper away Ė that didnít go down too well ;-)



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    Same in all schools, exam booklets seem to be what uses up lots of it.

    If it was me I would scan in and use Adobe Acrobat and make the PDF into a fill able form, never done it but know it can be done. There would need to be some manual intervention but it could be done.

    One way I suppose to reduce costs it rather than print on A3 booklets reduce them to A4 booklets (A5 sized sheets), will save you some money there for that that want them printed.

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