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How do you do....it? Thread, Bulk folder creation in Technical; I need to create a folder in some 250 user home folders and was wondering if there was a simple ...
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    Bulk folder creation

    I need to create a folder in some 250 user home folders and was wondering if there was a simple way to do it. I did find siomething ages ago but can I find it now ops:

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    Re: Bulk folder creation

    setacl.exe is a start for permissions and then mkr dir in a batch for folder creation

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    Re: Bulk folder creation

    There is probably a script that will do it for you but by the time you can get one working it's probably better to just export all the users from your domain into a txt file then import that file into excel. First of all run the "allusers.bat users.txt" on a DC to get the user list. Then import into excel and add a column before the userlist md \\server\sharename, after the user column add \foldername. Then you concatenate the 3 columns and you will end up with something like this.

    md \\server\sharename\jbloggs\foldername
    md \\server\sharename\mmouse\foldername

    Copy and paste the concatenated result to another sheet using the paste special command and use values. Once done copy the result straight into a cmd window. Or you can save the result as a csv file and then convert it to a batch file.
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