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How do you do....it? Thread, Pros and Cons of moving from a .county.sch.uk website and email address? in Technical; Its also important to get the web address change working correctly, there is a school i know that you cannot ...
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    Its also important to get the web address change working correctly, there is a school i know that you cannot access when using 'nameschool.com' requiring you to enter 'www.nameschool.com' which kind of ruins all reasons for changing. And also confuses parents and students when trying to access from home.

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    Quote Originally Posted by matt40k View Post
    Is this still correct? Surely it should support it!! If not, time for a upgrade to a proper smartphone!
    Well our SMT have all been given iPhone 4S, so does that count as an upgrade to a proper smartphone (says a Android user )

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    An Academy is a school. https://www.gov.uk/types-of-school/overview gives a layman's overview of the types of school and What is an academy? - Schools gives more detail.

    The Education Act 2011 covers Academies (and gives amendments to the Academies Act 2010) but an Academy is still a school. It my have a charitable arm, a trading arm, federated schools, etc ... and there are relevant domain names which can be used for these, but a school is *not* a business (not even a not-for-profit).

    Have both domains ... it is not as if it is a lot of extra work to have the .sch.uk domain as a fall back for certain things.

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    So who is the registra for the sch.uk domain?


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    Nominet is the registrar iirc but other companies will deal with them. CS New Media did a good job moving one of mine over.

    And to echo earlier comments, when I see .sch.uk , I think 'school'.

    When I see '.co.uk', I think 'business'. Depends what you want to project.

    As for 'it's too long' - domains are a bit like phone numbers. I rarely have to type or remember them because machines remember for me.

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