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How do you do....it? Thread, Back to School in Technical; Hi All, I've been out of School IT for a while (visiting the world of the private sector) but I ...
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    Red face Back to School

    Hi All,

    I've been out of School IT for a while (visiting the world of the private sector) but I may be coming back into the fold soon.

    Since I've been out for a few years I thought I'd ask what's new and what could you do without specifically with regards to IT in school.

    I presume a lot is the same as standard companies i.e. a VMware (or similar) platform, DC's, file server, print server etc but what school specific IT should I take a look at?

    I.e. How do you allow the kids to remote in from home or how do you ghost PC's and deploy software? Or is there any educational software I should know about?

    Any help would be really appreciated.



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    For students it seems mainly to be through your VLE for home access. Staff remote desktops/access etc.

    Honestly not seen many schools use ghost anymore (too many changes/updates to keep updating images), most use standard GPO/script deployments, or some other third party application that works over MDT/GPOs etc. Few more schools starting to use appV/thin clients etc as well depending on what software etc is needed.

    The age old "big" Educational software, SIMs etc. (or insert other MIS), apart from that most schools use the bog standards Office/Adobe blahblah, any of the more curriculum based software is the stuff you never touch once deployed anyway so not much point in learning those imho


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    Hi Robd

    Welcome back maybe, where schools have changed in the last few years, a lot more schools using Server Virtualisation, SAN storage, just also for a idea here is a list of some of the stuff we use.

    WDS - for Imaging
    Citrix and Xen - Server virtualisation
    Prism - custom packages for software deployment.
    Moodle - VLE
    Network Secure Gateway - Staff and Student remote access
    Home Access + - access to staff and student files\folders although nearly faded this out due to Network Secure Gateway
    SIM's - MIS
    Progress Bar - gives staff analysis of Progress data, from various points with graphs etc
    Abtutor - for remote station and staff classroom management
    WIX - school website
    BCX Management Tools - Desktop, Shortcut, Printer, User Management, Startup\Shutdown task and much more etc
    Microsoft Visual Studio - software development (just a few small Apps)
    ForeFront - Anti Virus
    Software - MS Office, Adobe CS6, normal mix of dodgy and not so dodgy educational software
    Insight - Parental Gateway
    Microsoft Server technologies - Shadow Copy (Backup for quick restore), File Server Resource Manager (block file extensions or warn by email), Share and Storage Management (Storage allocation)

    Hope this helps, not a full list but what I could think of off the top of my head.

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    Thanks both for you replies, both really useful and has provided some products to investigate. Well the good news is I'm coming back into Schools so hopefully I'll be here a lot more!!

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