I need to create a school calendar that can be shared on a website so staff can see what is going on, is secure so only staff can view it, can be updated from ios, android and outlook devices by senior leadership.
At the moment Iíve got an exchange email that senior leadership have access to and can update that calendar, because its exchange based they can just add that account to their mobile devices and have full access to the calendar but sharing it with other staff is a pain as mobile devices donít show shared calendars and I donít want to give them full access to it.
I cant figure out how to show a ďliveĒ exchange calendar on a website/sharepoint either, I can copy all the events and put them into a sharepoint calendar but that needs doing regularly and its not the most elegant solution.
I can copy the school calendar to the public calendars too but again, its not live and would need to be copied across everytime that something was update, also public calendars donít show up on ios devices.
Iíve taken a look at google calendars and that can be shared with other gmail users and embedded onto a website, I can make the calendar available to everyone but but I really donít want all that information public even if I passworded the webpage it would be on as there is information about staff holidays and other stuff that wouldnít be on a public school calendar.
So I need a secure calendar system that works with mobile devices, is embeddable and secure.
Any ideas?

p.s. Damn ios to hell!