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How do you do....it? Thread, Access Database question in Technical; I haven't built one of these since i was in secondary school! But I've cobbled together a really basic one. ...
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    Access Database question

    I haven't built one of these since i was in secondary school! But I've cobbled together a really basic one.

    2 Questions:

    1) You know how Excel guesses what you are typing once you've used it once? I want something like that in one of my inputs on the form.

    So i've currently got a box that says "item type" into which i type "monitor", "printer", "Chair" etc. I don't want to create a table with it all in as i'm not sure what will be stored (its not just IT).

    2) Can i disable text boxes until a check box has been ticked?


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    I'm assuming access is using pretty standard MS windows type forms (cause I don't know access in any detail!)

    1. Perhaps use a dropdown list. Then you just need to type the first letter to find the item.
    2. You should be able to. In the event for exit from the tickbox, you want to code something like if this.checked then <textboxname>.enable=true else <textboxname>.enable=false.

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