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How do you do....it? Thread, i need a little assistance in Technical; I also need a little bit of help building a gaming pc, I'm not super advanced with some of the ...
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    i need a little assistance

    I also need a little bit of help building a gaming pc, I'm not super advanced with some of the skills needed to put together a pc but i'm trying to learn all I can. I found this video on youtube Best $750 Build 2013 - Building a Gaming PC Series - YouTube because people say you can learn to do anything by watching a video on youtube. I was curious what some of you more advanced people thought of the video and if it's a good source for me to use or not? Any feedback would be great, thanks!

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    Honestly I'd say it's pretty useless. This may sound harsh but it's nothing more than a shopping list. Pick any random site that sells gaming pcs, and look at what's in them, and that's what you have in that video.

    If as you put it you want to learn the skills to build a pc, you need to look at how to put it together, not what someone thinks you should buy.


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    The majority of videos on Youtube are worthless. Generally if someone knows what they're doing, they're too busy doing it instead of trying to get themselves known via youtube.

    If it's a budget build, here's the sort of thing you'd be looking for:
    Coolermaster case & PSU combo - cheap and reasonable. Never skimp on the power supply, it's the most important part. Our MIS-Moodle integration box had a 400 watt power supply that weighed less than my wallet in the middle of the month. Needless to say, it was crap, it died, and got replaced by something substantial.

    Storage: if you can afford a solid state drive, please do. Then try and stick to a few pointers. Samsung and Intel are the best all round value for money, performance, reliability. 120/128GB will save you farting about with files afterwards, don't skimp on a 60GB drive. Add any 1TB+ drive of choice for storage, they're all much of a muchness these days.

    AMD or Intel? For gaming, there's not a huge amount in it but still I think Intel has the edge. Core i5 3570K if you can afford it (the K means it's unlockable and you can make it go a fair bit faster if you fancy the risk). There's roughly a $15 increase for that.

    Motherboard. With either processor choice, stick to the big brands. Asus and Gigabyte are the "go-to" brands. Asrock isn't bad on a budget. Pick one with USB3 and Sata 6GB/s

    Memory: Typically you just stick with DDR3-16000, there's no need to go overboard with that. Any more is a waste on a budget build.

    Cooling: If you buy a retail processor you will get a heatsink and fan with it. If you want to put a good graphics card in though, it helps to push the heat out as well as you can. On a budget, Arctic Cooling heatsinks are very good performers and value for money.

    Graphics: nVidia has the upper hand currently on the bang for buck. The Geforce 650Ti is surprisingly capable for budget.

    Actually putting things together is a matter of care, consideration and common sense. Things generally only fit in the places they're meant to go in. Processor into the slot is either fiddly (AMD) or dangerous if you're not careful (Intel) - you can easily bend the pins. Watch orientation.

    Typically, fans will suck in the front and out of the rear. Airflow will be more important in a gaming PC as the majority of decent graphics cards recirculate the majority of air around the case rather than out the back, despite the vents they put in.

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