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How do you do....it? Thread, How to Wake on LAN in Technical; I currently use one just for waking up specific computers. It's a program called mc- wol . you put it ...
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    I currently use one just for waking up specific computers. It's a program called mc-wol. you put it in the System32 folder of your computer, and then run it in DOS.

    I've written a script that does this for me at 7am every morning (set in the schedualer on a server, so i know it'll be on)

    The only down side is that it works off MAC addresses, so you need to get the mac addy and make your script off that.

    The script is easy to make, it's just:

    MC-WOL [MAC Address]

    one line per PC

    If you want to give it a go, you can download it from here:


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    VNC Manager 2.5 standard. Costs about £25. This will completely scan all your networks. You set up your folders i.e. classroom 1, classroom 2 etc.
    All you do then is if you want to Wake On Lan, right click on the classroom folder and click 'Send Wake On Lan command' and all you computers in the classroom switch on. This piece of software will also give you remote control over all your computers in the school. Just install the free version of VNC 4.0 onto your computers. You can then just right click on the classroom 1 folder and click show thumbnails and all computers in that room will be displayed on your desktop running live. Great way to monitor classroom usage. You can the double click any computer and have direct control over them. We also use a script that allows us to log on all computers in a classroom as any user from a command prompt. So for instance if I need to do a job in a classroom the other side of the school which has 32 computers in, I just Wake on Lan the classroom, send the script to log on all computers as administrator and then display thumbnails of that classroom and I have direct control over 32 computers and I have not left my seat.

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    "Nothing Found" at that URL.

    This one offers a download:

    Link: Free utility: MC-WOL | Savage Nomads

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