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How do you do....it? Thread, Check That FMS Remote [Offsite] Backup Is Viable in Technical; Our LEA is backing up our FMS data remotely. I have been asked to check that the data that is ...
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    Check That FMS Remote [Offsite] Backup Is Viable

    Our LEA is backing up our FMS data remotely. I have been asked to check that the data that is backed up can be restored and accessed in the event of a disaster. I have restored the data to an alternate location and shown that all of the files are present. However I have been told that this is not good enough and I should show that a fully working FMS instance can be logged on and the backed up data accessed.

    Our LEA has helped us as much as they can [we do not have a suitable support plan for them to help us further] What I am looking for is instructions for setting up FMS on a laptop and making it available for use. I have tried this a couple of times now and I seem to be missing something. Does anyone have some step-by-step instructions I could follow [this is starting to wear me down]

    Thanks in advance.

    Edit: Our FMS SIMS uses SQL 2008.
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