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How do you do....it? Thread, Writing a Disaster Recovery Plan in Technical; Has anyone written one of these? From the examples Ive found online they seem to relate to multinational organizations with ...
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    Writing a Disaster Recovery Plan

    Has anyone written one of these? From the examples Ive found online they seem to relate to multinational organizations with numerous data centers and entire DR dedicated staff etc.

    Does anyone have an example of a document that would be relevant to a medium size school?

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    Here's one I wrote a while ago - hope its of some help
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    @SpuffMonkey has got that pretty much nailed.

    The general idea of a DR plan is to identify the potential disasters (so flood, fire, destruction, student/guinea-pig infestation) and then identify what the impact would be, and the possible steps for recovery with services prioritised accordingly.

    I'd also include a list of all important contacts (suppliers, manufacturers, contractors, internal staff etc), where your software can be found if required (e.g. I keep a copy of most ISOs on a couple of USB memory sticks in a fire-resistant safe along with backup tapes) , and other relevant info - software and maintenance agreements etcetera!

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    @SpuffMonkey that is awesome. I've been meaning to sort one out here but wasn't sure on the format - yours is a great starting point, thanks

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    Evening/Morning, whichever is most appropriate when you read this.

    I came across a detailed ICT disaster recover plan that had been written on behalf of the Governors and it is attached for reference.

    What is important is that your plan can be implemented and the only way you can prove that is by simulating a disaster at some point. Much in the same way that you can carry out a backup every night but you need to restore files from the backup to make sure it is working.

    This plan should form an appendix to the School's overall Disaster recovery plan.

    Happy to answer any other questions you may have.


    ICT Disaster Recovery Plan.docx

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