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How do you do....it? Thread, Printer Credits in Technical; Hi We are looking at implementing printer credits using Equitrak. Does anyone have a successful implementation of printer credits for ...
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    Printer Credits

    We are looking at implementing printer credits using Equitrak.
    Does anyone have a successful implementation of printer credits for students that works (eg credits per day or week)?

    If you have, please can you let me know if there have been any issues that you had to deal with, how many credits each year group have or any problems that occurred since it was implemented.

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    We use Pcounter. B&W prints = 1 credit, colour = 5 credits

    Students years 0-9 get set to 50 credits on Monday am.
    Students years 10-13 get 50 credits extra on Monday am
    Staff get set to 500 at the start of the year and then 100 credits added on a Friday evening

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    B/W = 5p, Colour 10p. 45p a day for all students no matter what year.

    If they want more they can get the teachers to request it.

    Staff run unlimited prints, but limited on printers to number of copies/pages per print etc. And this is monitored so anyone abusing it gets dealt with!


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    I use Equitrac (in HE)

    Staff get unlimited printing/copying/scanning (give them no credit, but allow an overdraft is the easiest way to do this)

    Students get an amount at the start of the year and if they need more then buy them.

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    Mono 1p, Colour 2p
    KS3 = 40p a month
    KS4 = 60p a month
    KS5 = 80p a month
    Staff unlimited

    If someone runs short, we just top them up on request. The inconvenience is meant to dissuade them from printing too much, but I have not, as yet, puzzled out a way of punishing students who waste printing without preventing them doing work and in a way that doesn't involve me handling change, whilst avoiding punishing those who produce a lot of work, and not requiring me to spend an hour a day going through print reports.

    What we have found handy - we set certain colour printers to 81p a colour sheet, so staff can print in colour but students are restricted. If a teacher needs colour enabling for a lesson, we can tweak the price and colour is instantly available - no logging off/on to add a new printer.

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