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How do you do....it? Thread, Cables for patch panels in Technical; Originally Posted by Danp What ever I get my hands on that is the right size for what I need... ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Danp View Post
    What ever I get my hands on that is the right size for what I need...
    ^ This

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    My work place has the following

    Red: PoE Wifi points
    Orange: Non-PoE Wifi points
    Yellow: VOIP phones
    Green: Network points to Patch Panels
    Blue: Switches to Hubs
    Purple: PC/Laptop to either network point or hub
    Grey: Comms cab to comms cab (if in the same room)
    Black: Router to hubs/switches
    White: Comms Cab to servers/SANS
    Fibre: Router to Comms Cab
    DuoColour (Red/Green): Important stuff - firewalls, proxies, etc

    Every cable is tagged also
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    Just remember to document what colours are for what purpose. Also, make sure you are paying attention when it comes to removing replacing the odd cable or the whole point of it goes out the window and you end up messing around for ages

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