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How do you do....it? Thread, ICT Lunchtime Clubs - how do you organise it? in Technical; We as ICT Techs run the ICT lunchtime homework club, however at the moment we open one ICT suite of ...
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    ICT Lunchtime Clubs - how do you organise it?

    We as ICT Techs run the ICT lunchtime homework club, however at the moment we open one ICT suite of 30 computers but have a gathering of about 40+ students wanting entry, how do you manage the students?

    We used to have more rooms opening, however with timetable changes, this isnt always possible.

    (We are a large school)

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    We only open it to Year 7 & 8's. Our library is open with some computers available so students wanting to do work go there. Sometimes if there is space I allow other year groups in but it depends on how they behave.

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    We run a first come first served basis, if the IT suite is filled up then no more can use laptops, However our library is right next door so if there isnt a club in there then the over spill wait in there looking at books etc. once a few spaces are free then the first one in the library gets to go in the spare seat.

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    At our peak we have 4 IT (30 machines) rooms at lunch open. Some days it less.

    They open 10 - 15 mins after lunch starts. That way students do eat the dinner and its more fair for students to who want a get a place, gives them chance to get there. If you didn't have that system the student who was in a lesson next door the the classroom has an unfair advantage.

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    Certain year groups had time slots at last place. First come first served basis starting about 15mins after lunch break starts to make sure they had lunch first. students who were hanging around in hall waiting were told to go away

    We only had one ICT suite of 24 machines but it was a small school and worked well enough.

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    IT1 - 25 machines - Open if that teacher is present, older students only. No teacher, no entry.
    IT2 - 30 machines - Available to GCSE students for coursework. As the Head of IT's room, the students know any misbehaviour will be dealt with promptly. Hardly ever a member of staff present, yet never have an issue. The teacher's notoriety keeps them in line.
    IT3 - 26 machines - Available to lower school students, first come, first served. Monitored by selected Year 10 students. This room has the most problems, and as it's next to our office we spend some time kicking people out. One student per machine, no loitering. Usual issues are because the monitors are lazy, don't turn up or don't do anything so it turns into a hangout.
    IT4 - 25 machines - Homework club, staff present at all times. No problems.

    In all cases it's not our job as technicians to watch the clubs. We monitor the screens with AB tutor to keep an eye on activities but it's not up to us to be there.

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