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How do you do....it? Thread, Email system and pop3 access in Technical; Do any of you out there host your own email system and allow pop3 access? We host ours and allow ...
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    Email system and pop3 access

    Do any of you out there host your own email system and allow pop3 access?

    We host ours and allow everyone access through OWA (exchange server) but there has been some demand for pop3 access. Although I can't honestly see the point of pop3 there is the concern of potential data leakage, and SMT are not keen on implementing this.

    For example, staff email each other about kids and sometimes this can be personal/confidential. If someone has pop3 access setup on their phone for example then the emails will automatically be pulled down. That information is now on that phone and if lost/stolen can be read by anyone. We can't control what devices connect to pop3 not how they have them protected (pin codes, deletion of emails etc) so I'm interested to see if anyone else does this?

    I know potentially OWA could be misused, but the pop3 makes it easier to 'leak' as people will forget it has been setup.

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    No, we don't have any staff working currently in 1997, we don't even support imap. If it does not support eas it probably does not even support appropriate security let alone implement it. You can make it slightly better by forcing ssl security but it is still not fantastic efficiency, security or featureset wise.

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