I've got 2 totally blank S2K3 boxes.

One has SQL 2K5 Express w/ Advanced Features installed...
The other has IIS installed.

Firstly.., did I miss something in the above?

Secondly, I've followed the DBA part of Microsoft's Deployment guide and opened TCP/IP and Named ports for remote connections and added 2 accounts (one didn't like the password... but it's right..) as administrators - I don't know if they went in...

Whenever I run through the Advanced, Web Front End install on the Application Box, when I am asked to connect to the SP_Config database, it fails (Error 40)

The name is right, tried both fully and non-FQL names and FQL/netbios usernames and nothing I try can get connected to it.

Any ideas/solutions?

I didn't manage to find any thus far and I've tried pretty hard to find a solution.

Answer: Database Server Name is not the name of the server itself, but the instance name: MyServerName\SQLExpress (for a default install)

If you need to know the name of it, open the Management Studio thingy and it tells you there when asked what you want to connect to.