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How do you do....it? Thread, Network Printer installation in Technical; Good Morning guys, May be a simple one to you guys out there, but we all got to learn somewhere. ...
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    Network Printer installation

    Good Morning guys,

    May be a simple one to you guys out there, but we all got to learn somewhere.

    Over the course of the Easter holidays we are going to be having a new Konica printer installed here at our school. The printer is to be networked, so am i correct in thinking that we will need to reserve a static IP for the device so that i am continuously chasing the IP address around for the device. We are running a Windows Server 2003 R2 here.

    If possible would someone be able to explain the process about making the reservation, or am I better waiting till the device is here so that we can setup the MAC address etc for the machine?

    Thanks in advance guys.

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    Do you have an exclusion range in your DHCP? If so, just give the printer a static address in that range - then it will never change (do this through the printers settings menu)

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    I would do it this way (there are probably lots of different ways!). Turn the printer on after plugging in an ethernet cable, wait for DHCP to assign it an IP address and then use the MAC address to reserve that IP address to that printer.

    That is how I do it anyway.

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    Do you need instructions on how to reserve an IP address?
    On the server: Start, All Programs, Administrative Tools, DHCP
    Expand list on left hand side until you can see Reservations. Click so it appears on RHS
    Click header to sort them and then you can see where there might be spare IPs
    Right Click in a space and chose "New reservation"
    After that it is just a question of filling in the IP you chose along with the name and MAC address.
    This will reserve the IP
    Don't know if that helps.
    (if you can't find a spare one you might need to release some of the leases)

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    Wow cheers for the rapid support guys.

    We are having a new networked Konica MFP installed during the Easter holidays, I havent been given any instructions from Konica requesting a IP to be reserved, I was just trying to plan ahead. I have emailed them asking if they require anything, but still waiting back from them.

    Sorry if this thread is frustrating for other users, just this a scenario, I havent encountered in my short time as a ICT Technician in a school

    Thanks again.

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    What witch said, make a reservation in DHCP for the printer's mac address (you'll get that from the printer, if it has a display, select "print configuration" or "print network config" or words to that effect. If it doesn't have a display, holding the function button on the printer for a few seconds should print the same document. That'll print out your printer's details, if you've got it plugged in to your network already, it'll list an IP address which might be worth using as the reservation, unless you clump your IPs by device type like some do)

    Then it's a case of installing the printer on the server. You might need to install a separate additional 32-bit driver too, if you're using 32-bit clients. That's done after the initial installation from the Printer preferences panel.

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