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How do you do....it? Thread, Infant laptops, automatic logon in Technical; Hi, I have some classmate laptops which aren't the fastest at logging on due to one reason or another so ...
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    Infant laptops, automatic logon


    I have some classmate laptops which aren't the fastest at logging on due to one reason or another so am thinking of making them BYOD type machines that auto logo and all policies are local. We only have 20 so its not a biggy to image them all and all the junior kids have the same passwords so they can all log on as each other anyway (not my decision).

    The only issue I would have is the internet (which i thought about implementing SSL login or just giving them free filtered access) and accessing their home drives. The confusing part will be when they come to save work. I could create a mapped drive to the root of their homefolders and get them to click through.

    Has anyone got machines like this on their network? They are lookign at sharing iPads so its a small step into going down that road anyway.


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    Why not just do an automatic logon to a domain account and keep using policies for lock down and also be able to push web plugin updates out as well.

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