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How do you do....it? Thread, Ofsted "Inspecting E-Safety" - bit stuck! in Technical; I'm going through the Ofsted "Inspecting E-Safety September 2012" (no. 120196) document for the second time (as the first pass ...
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    Ofsted "Inspecting E-Safety" - bit stuck!

    I'm going through the Ofsted "Inspecting E-Safety September 2012" (no. 120196) document for the second time (as the first pass resulted it in it becoming a PM target) and I thought I'd just ask what everyone else is doing regarding this bit on page 5:

    The weakest aspect of provision in the schools visited was the extent and quality of their training for staff. It did not involve all the staff and was not provided systematically. Even the schools that organised training for all their staff did not always monitor its impact systematically.
    How do you demonstrate that you are "monitor[ing] its impact systematically"? if the e-safety training is working, surely problems are being avoided and so not occurring - there's no control group...

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    The way that Ofsted test seems to check that everyone is 'on message'. They seem to ask a single question like "What do you do if you see smething you don't like on the screen?"

    The kids should reply that they'd turn off the monitor/close the laptop/click on Hector and tell the teacher.

    All staff around the kids, including the cooks, TAs, dinner ladies and the caretaker should know this. So should the parents.

    Another popular one is the Safeguarding issue like cyber bullying. The kids should feel that they can talk to anyone about it and should know to advise a friend to tell someone. The adults should know the routine for: listen, don't ask leading questions, write it down, don't discuss, go straight to the DCPO, do not pass go, do not collect £200.

    You can test yourself whether people have remembered these messages, but making it part of your PM doesn't absolve the HT/DCPO from testing themselves. Their neck is on the line for Ofsted and if there's an issue, not yours. So they need to check!
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