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How do you do....it? Thread, child protection records in Technical; Hi guys, Ive just moved to a new school and been approached by their DCPO who has been told by ...
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    child protection records

    Hi guys, Ive just moved to a new school and been approached by their DCPO who has been told by ofsted the school needs to move towards keeping their child protection incident forms electronically. So my question is... how do you do yours? is there a cmis module?

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    I was going to post this question, but saw this one. Does anyone have any suggestions?

    I've been asked to setup a shared folder with limited access to specific staff, but I'm not happy that this is enough. As the data might well be at restrict level, from memory we need 2 different passwords, so I was thinking of something along the lines of trucrypt with the encrypted file being stored in the above mentioned shared folder, but (as I expected) trucrypt doesn't support more than one user accessing the encrypted file at once.

    Is anyone else come across this and found a solution?


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