Afternoon, couldn't decide which section this belongs in. please feel free to move...

We have a QNAP TS410 NAS with 8TB on a raid 6 array and for quickness of a quick reimage, connect acronis to a folder via FTP and pull down disk images as and when required. We were also setting up the time machine service to create a back of of our x serve. Everything was fine until I updated the firmware and switched on the time machine service, but after that when browsing with acronis to the NAS drive we can see the parent folders and they are named correctly, but inside the folders its showing no files/or sub folders.

I managed to get all critical stuff off the NAS, I have downgraded the firmware again (to the earliest available from the QNAP site), formatted the drives and the problem still exists. I have tried older and newer versions of acronis, if browsing the share via a windows PC all files and folders are there.

Hope some one can point me in the correct direction with this, its pecking my head and may spoil my christmas lol.