Morning, going to post this here as I cannot think which category this fits under.

My school had a bit of a nightmare with a past procurement of 64 thin clients/4 terminal servers and was lumbered for 3 years with them ( It was two IT Suites). It needs now to be replaced, but with a system that will run all apps that are available - even adobe CS4 if needed.

At the moment we have gathered all student laptops and have replaced the clients - there is now something physical in place - teachers are happy.

Our options to replace are :

1. Replace with 64 physical workstations (simplest method)
2. Virtual Desktop enviornment (only for this area at the moment utilising the redundant terminal servers, but needs to integrate with CC4).
3. Go with option 1 (lesser spec'ed) and virtualize our whole server estate.

I'm at a 6 of one and half a dozen of another with the virtual side, but what I need is feedback good or bad on virtual servers or desktops...

Look forward to your replies!