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How do you do....it? Thread, Setting up a School Wikipedia in Technical; Hi all; I have been asked to look into setting up a School Wikipedia for students to use and update ...
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    Setting up a School Wikipedia

    Hi all;

    I have been asked to look into setting up a School Wikipedia for students to use and update and to have Wiki Word War games etc

    Googling through at the moment but has anyone had real world experience here and issues with creating, updating and policing such a setup?

    Many thanks as always

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    Not set up a whole school one but set one up to handle our policies and procedures and then set one up for our IT documentation.

    You can set up a reviewer plugin that may be of use, any change is a draft until someone nominated as an editor confirms it should be integrated. LDAP login works fine. I also found a plugin that you can add acronyms to a page and they will be linked each time someone uses them, so if you set up an entry for TLA, then anytime TLA is written it will be underlined and hovering over it will give the definition.

    The biggest issue I had was with templates and getting all the bits I needed when copying styles from else where. Not tricky it is just the usual issue of something links to something that links to something, etc etc.

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