Morning everyone,

I am having a lovely issue creating my new Year 7 users. I'm using AD Infinitum 2 which is brilliant for creating bulk users, it allows for random passwords, Exchange Mailbox creation and Home Folder creation with defined permissions.

However, I have an issue whereby the permissions aren’t set on the Home Folders it creates. I have read their FAQ to find:

“Why is AD Infinitum sometimes unable to set the permissions on home folders for new users?

If your domain has two or more domain controllers then AD Infinitum may not be able to set the new user's permissions on their home folder immediately. This is because it takes time for the new account information to be replicated among all of the domain controllers. If a domain controller is queried before it knows about a new account then the attempt to set permissions will fail. This situation can occur even when creating users manually.

To work around this situation AD Infinitum displays a window briefly explaining what has happened and offering options regarding how often it should retry setting permissions. If left to run then AD Infinitum will set the permissions once the account information has been replicated.”

Which is fair enough, but after leaving the program to run over night, it still hasn't set the permissions.

It does however create the very first user of the imported file totally correctly, mailbox, home directory and permissions. This fails from the second user of the CSV file.

We do have two domain controllers, but I can confirm the replication has taken place overnight. (if not fairly immediately yesterday)

I have looked around the net to no avail. Any advice/tips will be greatly appreciated!