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How do you do....it? Thread, CMIS/SQL Reinstall in Technical; OK - we run CMIS on SQL2000 (on Server 2003). The SQL is installed on a partition that I need ...
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    CMIS/SQL Reinstall

    OK - we run CMIS on SQL2000 (on Server 2003).

    The SQL is installed on a partition that I need to eliminate (E. The data is stored on a separate partition (G.

    Can anyone give an idiots account of the best way to proceed, so I don't lose the data? I intend to ring Serco - but its always a lottery with them on the quality of support , so I'd like to hear your thoughts before I start.

    I assume I can reinstall SQL on a fresh partition (different drive letter), and then, some how "reattach" all the data - but I haven't a dooly blue where to start with this one.

    Any help gratefully received... :?

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    Re: CMIS/SQL Reinstall

    You can deattach the database from Enterpise Manager, move the files, and then reattach it


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    Re: CMIS/SQL Reinstall

    I would get serco to do it, or at least help you as in my experience CMIS can be a tricky program to deal with when setting it up from scratch.

    We moved our database and program onto new servers last year, and didn't even chance doing it ourselves. Serco engineer came, and managed to mess it up for us anyway, took 3 days for them to get the program up and running again, and we lost some data in the process too Luckily because it was Serco engineer who was responsible for the data going missing, we got off lightly. Had it been one of us who was responsible, there would have probably been a disceplinery.

    Moral of the story; Whenever there's a large amount of mission critical data to move, and you can get someone else to do it, then do!


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