We are planning for a new virtualised setup to be installed Summer 2013 and am beginning our planning now for a transition from CC3 at the same time. Over the past year or so we have replaced all services and are effectively running the network as vanilla so that phase is complete. So far I have this initial plan in my head, does it seem realistic?

  • Install Virtualised Setup and move over all 11 of our existing servers across onto it
  • Run ADPrep and ensure network is prepped for 2008/2012 DC's
  • Comission 3 additional servers (2008R2 or more likely 2012) which will eventually become our only 3 DCs, run DCPromo.
  • Move SAN links to existing storage areas onto these servers and editing AD users to now point to this location for work/profiles
  • Move printers over to new servers as necessary
  • Replace all references to our old servers with the new servers in all scripts (logon/software allocation/printers)... need to document and thoroughly check this well ahead of time
  • Transfer DHCP/DNS/FSMO over to new servers as necessary
  • Turn off old DC's for a day or so and test thoroughly
  • If testing is fine demote DC's and hope for the best
  • Party time!!!

Have I missed anything/do I have a potential flaw in the plan! As far as I can gather doing the above (as long as I plan the scripts) should be relatively pain-free and smooth process and crucially WILL NOT require computers being rebuilt.