Hi guys,

In our school we need a way to block swf files on pen drives. I've read just about every post on the forum about it and found out the way that it SHOULD work.
We are using USBDLM to assign the pen drives specific letters (I,J,K) which we can then deny access to swf. Unfortunately the file type has legitimate uses by some departments so we can't block it network wide.
After this, I'm using Software restriction group policies to deny swf files on those drives and it does work, but only when the policy is applied to the computer rather than to the user.
We need staff members to be able to run swf files from their pen drives potentially - is there any way to restrict the policy so that it applies to students only?
I've tried changing the security filtering to the all students group that we have, but whenever I do this and delete the authenticated users the policy does not apply.
I've also tried changing the staff members read/apply settings so that they cannot see or implement the policy but this also does not work as the students do not get the policy either.

Would it be possible to implement via group policy a change to the USBDLM.ini file so that different drives are assigned for staff members when they plug in a device e.g. I,J,K for students are restricted so when a stafff member logs in they use E,R,T and therefore bypass the restrictions? I've had a quick play around with this idea but can't get the registry keys to work.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

Many thanks in advance,