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How do you do....it? Thread, Folder moving and renaming on mass.... in Technical; This is going to be a little tricky.... Every user has a home folder of H:\ Group policy has a ...
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    Folder moving and renaming on mass....

    This is going to be a little tricky....

    Every user has a home folder of H:\
    Group policy has a folder creation GPP set to create the folder "H:\Cambridge Nationals\Unit X" (Where X = number from 1 to 8)

    At the end of each Unit the head of IT wants each "Unit X" folder to be moved out of their home folder to another location the student can't edit. For the sake of argument i'll call this "T:\IT\Cambridge Nationals\%YEAR FOLDER\%USERNAME%\Unit X" (year folder isn't 7, 8. Instead it's 2007 and so on, based on the year that set of students started based on the same setup we use for organising home folders)

    Once that folder has been moved to the new location each file within the Unit X folder needs to have XXXX_ appended to their file name (Where XXXX is the students candidate number from sims)

    So.......Any suggestions on how best to do this?
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