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How do you do....it? Thread, How do you do your Backups? in Technical; We use Terastations (and some other NAS boxes) with robocopy as the backup mechanism. NTFS permissions are not maintained, as ...
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    We use Terastations (and some other NAS boxes) with robocopy as the backup mechanism. NTFS permissions are not maintained, as the file system doesn't support them. Doesn't matter in our case, as they're mostly used to replace students' lost work where the files will inherit the correct permissions back when they're replaced. For large scale replacement, I'd need to run scripts to restore permissions. Alternatively, perhaps look at using a Windows server as the backup destination so NTFS is used, you can do a full 'DATSOU' equivalent that way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fiza View Post
    Thats what I am looking to do. If you had to restore all user data from the Terastation would it keep the NTFS permissions that were on the original server for each user? Or if there was a folder shared between 3 people read/write access and 4 others with read only. The folder gets deleted. You restore from the Terastation. Would the permissions still exist or would you have to recreate them?
    Yes, well to be more correct - Yosemite, the back up software, handles all this and does fully restore all permissions on files and folders. The terrastation is nothing more than the storage medium for the backup software.

    As another poster mentioned, Robocopy will do this as well but for that to work the disk format must be NTFS and the destination must be on the domain, cant remember if terrastations support both those requirements.

    Edit: just remembered, theres a version if the terrastation that uses Windows Storage Server instead of Linux, it supports iSCSI so can make a good quick'n'dirty SAN
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