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How do you do....it? Thread, blocking P2P, torrents etc in Technical; What port does torrents and stuff use? I want to stop people on my home connection from using torrents etc, ...
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    blocking P2P, torrents etc

    What port does torrents and stuff use? I want to stop people on my home connection from using torrents etc, but i want to do it silently so as not to have a Block page etc.

    So i will just do it on a port basis at the router. What ports does bit torrent use please?

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    Bittorrent uses a lot of ports, in fact bittorrent can use any port. But it mostly uses ports with very big numbers. My suggestion would be blocking all ports and selectively allowing as required. However, you must note that port sharing options on your router often only relate to incoming connections, allowing all outgoing connections.

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    You'll need a router OS which can do it. DD-WRT can iirc, which runs on a lot of consumer routers. Otherwise, as above, block high number ports (1024-65535), but theres no reason why torrents won't work on ports below 1024. Eitherway you will probably only be able to block incoming connections which will slow downloads but not stop them.

    The only option (if available on your router) is to block all ports and selectively open them but you need to now every port for every app you use which may be impossible. iirc xbox doesn't use a set port, neither does msn...

    Another way I can think of is to put fake DNS entries into the router or the clients. Redirect all tracker domains to But then you will need to find out every tracker... which tbh if you block the main ones might actually do the trick as the user will get sick of looking for torrents which work.
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    You're trying to fix a human problem with technology, when you should be reaching for the cluebat.

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