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How do you do....it? Thread, Install ICT Alive 1.8 on Windows 7 (or XPMode) in Technical; Has anyone been able to install ICT Alive on Windows 7 yet? It works (barely) on XP but cannot seem ...
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    Install ICT Alive 1.8 on Windows 7 (or XPMode)

    Has anyone been able to install ICT Alive on Windows 7 yet? It works (barely) on XP but cannot seem to get it running under XP mode for Windows 7.

    XPMode is running as a member of the domain, I have access to the relevant fileshares and I tried adjusting ICTAlive's db settings to connect using either the server name or the IP address to the Windows 2003 server hosting the ICTAlive database. I successfully used an osql command at the command line in XP Mode to access the sql database, so I know it is accessible from within XP mode, but the ICTAlive installation just cannot connect by itself.

    I ran the ICT Alive error checker and it suggested SOAP wasn't being initialised and the installation was getting access denied or server does not exist. I did install SOAP but can't see what else to do with it?

    We have the budget to replace our entire IT suite but because of ICTAlive we might be forced to stick with XP rather than Windows 7...arghhh!!
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