This is giving me a little bother.

I have created the new year 7 users. When I logon as one of the users all of the drives are mapped. However when I go to save a file [Word document etc] it defaults to the desktop. I would like the default location to be U:\ [their home drive] It does this for all file types [so I could perhaps solve this problem for Office with an Office ADM but other programs on the network would still be a problem]

I thought I solved this problem last year [but sadly no]

The policies I have set for all students to control this behaviour are shown below:

What do I need to do to set the first location offered when saving to be U:\?

Server O/S: Windows Server 2008: Standard: SP 2: 64 Bit

Client O/S: Windows 7: Pro: 64 Bit: SP1.

Ideas please. Many thanks.