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How do you do....it? Thread, Nagios Display in Technical; I want to start using Nagios in anger next year and was wondering how people keep a monitor on it. ...
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    Nagios Display

    I want to start using Nagios in anger next year and was wondering how people keep a monitor on it.

    Do you use a dual monitor setup with the nagios overview on a page?

    Seperate machine? if so running what os etc..?

    I was thinking of running puppy linux on an old machine in the NOC with a tft mounted on the wall so that all ICT Support staff can instantly see whats going on.


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    Re: Nagios Display

    I barely use the nagios screens themselves, instead I have it send notifications to a Jabber server.

    However, when I move offices, I intend to set up a machine specifically for displaying network status info and will just have one of the windows open in a tft on my desk somewhere.

    I will likely have this system as a dual screen system and have Cacti open with the major server links visible and backbone links.

    OS wise, it doesn't matter - all it needs is a browser. So, whatever you feel comfortable with.

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    Re: Nagios Display

    I am looking at a 3 monitor setup or maybe just a thin client with a tft.

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    Re: Nagios Display

    There's a firefox plugin called Nagios Check


    I normally have nagios open in a tab as well.

    Anything really serious (server down) gets sent to my phone as well.

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    Re: Nagios Display

    I have two PC's with two tft's each to act as my all seeing eye.

    Monitor One showing the live filter log of my cackpilot (cachepilot) with a 5 second refresh (thanks Opera)

    Monitor Two views Splunk/Groundworks/OCS

    Monitor Three for VNC/Net Support

    Monitor four runs a custom admin setup based on ASP I have written to make my life easy(ish) it summerises loads of stuff for me; logons, dhcp search, winsuite logs, diskspace, user management, one click for my printers, AP's, Switches Web interface and one click to lock/logoff/shutdown the PC, VNC, deployVNC, remote command prompt, view audit logs, retrieve remote index.dat and parse it, remote file access, ping, delprof.

    and the bit that helps me everyday...

    I have a custom URL on my cackPilot that redirects to my EVIL error handling page.. to highlight kids (and staff) persistantly trying to get to proxy sites, bebo, porn sites and ilove50cent.co.whatever

    Needless to say I track the User, Computer, Site to a database. the error handler parses the url against a bad keyword list and a restricted TLD list, and acts upon them by showing the AUP, a custom warning message or (the best bit) changes there logon script to ban the internet and logs them off.

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