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Home Access Plus+ Thread, HAP Install / Configuration Problems in Projects:; Hi all, I'm currently a first time user of HAP and I'm desperately trying to get this set up on ...
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    HAP Install / Configuration Problems

    Hi all,

    I'm currently a first time user of HAP and I'm desperately trying to get this set up on our webserver. After reading through the forums, I appear to be coming up against the same problems identified in this: home-access-plus/91133-documents-dont-appear-when-i-log.html thread (sorry I can't post links yet). That thread seems to have died now and so I thought I would start from scratch to see where the problem lies.

    I have ticks all the way through the first General tab and so it all looks fine there, but the problem is when I drill down into the AD tab.

    Using Firefox / Firebug seems to have given me a better insight into the problem. A popup that I am seeing shows the following:

    There is something wrong connecting to your AD Infrastructure,

    please review the AD settings and try again.
    The most common cause of this is using a user not in the Domain Admins or Administrators Group

    Now I know that the user(s) that I've tried are all domain administrators and everything I've entered appears to be correct but I continue to get the red X under base settings. Trying to browse the students group opens a blank popup box with a text box inside but nothing works. Testing the API for connectivity recieves 'OK', and using setup API I get 'Endpoint not found. Please see the service help page for constructing valid requests to the service.' but everything seems fine elsewhere. I'm absolutely convinced that what I'm entering here is correct.

    Really struggling with this one as I've spent a while trying to get this up and running now. Any help is much appreciated!

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    Open the web.config, remove this line [124]:

    <mimeMap fileExtension=".svg" mimeType="images/svg+xml" />

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    also, make sure you're always using https.

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